Time doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stand still. Doesn’t pause. Time doesn’t wait. Doesn’t rush. Time never speeds up. It never fast forwards. Never skips a beat. Time is infinite. Yet time is restricted. We have all the time in the world. Yet we have no time at all. Time can’t be measured. Can’t be weighed. Time is invisible. Yet is the only the thing we see. Our lives are based around a set of numbers. Our days never have enough hours, our hours never have enough minutes, our minutes never have enough seconds. Second chances never have enough time. In a life based around numbers. If you live around the clock you are giving your life a dead line. A schedule. A start and a finish. If you live your life without focusing on time, you can never waste it. Never run out. Time will cherish you. If you cherish time. If you take the time to love. Time will love you. If you take the time to live. You will never run out of time. Make every second count. Make every minute a memory. Every hour an honor.Make a difference everyday. Because someday, time will continue. But you will not. So love. Love like your heart needs it to beat. Because someday it will. Love. Love like like every second is your last, because you never know when it will be. Honor your life. Honor those around you. Honor your blessings. Honor the hardship that got you where you are. Honor the lost time that allowed you to find your way. Honor every ending that allowed a new beginning. Make a difference. Someone has to. Make a difference. Someone needs you. Make a difference. You were meant to. Time won’t wait for you. So why wait for time. Why wait until it is too late. Until your time is on the clock. Live life like time. Live infinitely. But never waste it. Because just like an hourglass runs out of time. So do our lives. And if time can heal you. If time can help you grow. Then it is not wasted. Pain. Love. Hope. Desperation. Time teaches. Time heals. You will never have too much time. But you will never have enough. Don’t waste it. Don’t measure it. Embrace it. Time. Over rated. Underestimated. Appreciate it. Appreciate it for those who never took the time. For those that never loved. That never honored themselves. For those that never made a difference. Because “tomorrow will come”. But every yesterday was one days tomorrow. And every past was once a future. So be present. Because time is a present. A gift. Never take it for granted. Because as fast as time can fly. Time can stop. On dime. In a instant. Time has no rules. No regulations. Time is a game. Make it yours. Be the judge of  your own jury. Be the cop of your own crime. The teacher of your own class. Grab time with your hands and direct where you want to go. The world is yours. Time is yours. Live life like time. Live with no restrictions. Time has no instructions. No guidance. You can never do time wrong. But you can do it right. Life’s a fight. Never an easy one. But it’s worth every second.




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