One of the most tragic things about a tragedy,

Is that it takes a tragedy to appreciate reality,

It takes a heart ache,

To fully feel alive,

It takes the undying tears,

To understand the power of a smile,

It takes the constant sleepless nights and abominable thoughts,

To realize the importance of a loving touch,

But don’t you let a single tear fall my friend,

You’ll see that smile,

Hear that laugh,

See him again,


His life was a blessing,

And now he is resting,

In a place we cannot begin to comprehend,

But this is not the end,

It’s an “I’ll see you again”


In a place where the sun shines a little brighter,

And each and every hug seems a little tighter,

He was a fighter,

To say the least,

A beast,

No pain was ever too strong

No matter what was wrong,

His smile told a story,

Sang a song,

And it is with heavy hearts,

We announce that he is gone,


But we will not dwell,

Instead we’ll appreciate,

All the lives he touched,

And happiness he’d create,

With a simple joke and bat of the eye,

He was a rare breed,

And one hell of a guy,

We now all stand,

Hand in hand,

As we stare into the sky,

Wondering why,

God had to be so greedy when he took him away,

Leaving us all begging for one more day,

One more stay.

To see that smile,

To hear that laugh,

To see him again,

Our beloved friend,

May he rest in the most peaceful way,

And watch over us all each and everyday,

Wipe the tears of those who cannot bare to believe,

That this inconceivable tragedy is reality,

And guide those who are lost,

To not look too far,

But simply glance into their hearts,

And they will see,

That he did not leave,

But what was left,

Was his memory,

In each of us,

And because of him,

Our hearts will not ware thin,

Because it is there where his story lies,

In our hearts,

He will never die.


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