Knapsack Full of Textbooks

There are days when I wake up, eyes pierced on my ceiling. My heart chambers eagerly beating in my chest; escaping through my ears as they pulse vigorously. My muscles tighten in body. My ankles flexed, hypnotically becoming statues. My brain begins flashing, sending waves lengths to every inch of my body. I want to do everything all at once. I want to travel the entire world in one night. I want to dance on the ocean with the wind in my hair. I want to learn everything that there is to learn and I want to learn it all right now. I am Inspired. My body begins to flush with warmth. There is so much to do and so much time to do it.

But there is also so much to do and never any time to do it and nothing to do and too much time to fill.

Life is a viscous cycle reminding us of this daily. I cannot travel the world in one night, I cannot dance on the ocean or learn everything that there is to learn right now. I have a life to live. But the life I live doesn’t always make me feel alive. Shoving my face in textbooks and hiding myself in a cavern surrounded by four concrete walls. I walk the same streets and travel the same roads. I converse with the same people and dance to the same music. I learn the same things by different manicured robots who speak with the same monotonic pitch. It’s a routine. It is my life.

It’s hard to find inspiration while stuck on repeat. There is no fast forward to see the good that will come from all these years that have been locked away. There is no rewind to show you how far you have come. To see the challenges you have faced and won. There is no pause or stop for a chance to breathe.

There is just a play, a now, a today.

A rule book of rights and wrongs and an audience that you don’t you want to disappoint. The pressure on your shoulder begins to weigh more than your knapsack full of textbooks. But just because you cannot travel the world or dance on the ocean or learn all there is to learn in one sitting, does not mean you cannot be inspired.

You can watch the sunset, admire the way all the warm colors hug each other and blend together painting an unforgettable picture each and every night. You can blast as many songs as you would like, close your eyes and dance around the kitchen. You can take classes, do research, learn as many new things as you want. You can book a trip or learn of a distant land. You can read a book or find new poetry that speaks to you better than any human ever could. You can fall in love. You can find yourself. You can inspire others. You can sing, you can dance, you can write, you can invent, you can discover, YOU CAN BE INSPIRED.

There are 7,000,000,000 people in this world. That’s 9 zeros. SEVEN BILLION. You probably have somewhere between 200-2000 friends on Facebook. Half of which you probably barely know anything about, other than when their birthday is thanks to a recent received notification. There are still so many people to meet. To share a laugh or trade a smile. There are so many people you still have to inspire.

Life can get PRETTY DANG BORING if you don’t stop for a second and make the most of it. Don’t lose yourself. Don’t let the textbooks and routines weigh you down. Instead, be inspired. Make the most of every minute. Life wasn’t meant to be lived by following an instruction book. SO study, yes, learn, graduate. But don’t forget to live before life passes you by. Let your heart beat out of your ears with hope and aspirations. Let your body overflow with the warmth of inspiration. Stop dreaming or Pinning or Retweeting possibilities instead wake up in the morning and MAKE THEM A REALITY.


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