Unspoken Heart

“…How am I supposed to remember that, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast”.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all said that.

But imagine if you actually couldn’t remember what you ate for breakfast. If you went an entire day doing things but couldn’t remember a single one when you go to lay down at night. Imagine your dreams seemed more realistic than the life going on around you.

Imagine your existence became merely what you had written on you calendar. If everyone spoke for you.

“You had a lot of fun today”

“You had a busy day you must be tired”



Imagine being trapped within a body, a body whose mind is cutting against the grain. The memories slowly leaking out of your brain and seeping into your heart. Everyday taking a memory with it.

Imagine all your heart would have to say.

An Open Letter From the Unspoken Heart

My dear,

I am sorry, please forgive me,

I am not who I seem,  

My mind may have forgotten you,

But please don’t forget me,

I was so caring and so kind,

No one was ever a stranger,

Just a friend of mine,

I know it seems as though I’ve left it all behind,

But please keep in mind,

I am not who I seem.

Please remember me for me,

My smile, my wit and my welcoming personality,

Every time I scream at you,

I cringe inside my heart,

My baby girl how you’ve grown,

So loving and so smart,

Somewhere while trying to remember,

I forgot to say,

How perfect you are to me,

And how you brighten my day,

With each visit and every stay,

Every kind word that you say,

I need to you know that even though I may not remember,

Inside my heart I can hear you,

And I know that it is overdue,

But I’m trapped and I am screaming, 

I hope you can remember,

How much I love you,

All this pain of missing us,

All this wasted time and fuss,

Please remember,

I am not who I seem.

I am sorry that I can remember my fifteenth birthday,

Better than the day you were born,

But every time your day arrives,

Please know my heart is warm,

If you ever get the chance to forget,

Please forget this me you see,

Because the day I started forgetting,

I stopped being me,

I am not a monster,

Or an angry bear,

I don’t mean to forget,

I can feel the tension in the air,

Please forgive me,

I am not who I seem.

I know that everything seems to have fallen apart,

If only you could hear the words,

From my unspoken heart,

Maybe you would be able to try and understand,

To close your eyes and remember,

How I used to hold your hand,

How I brushed your hair and dried your tears,

It been years,

My dear,

I am sorry, please forgive me,

I am not who I seem.

If I had one chance,

For my heart to speak,

I would hold your hand and dry your tears,

As you deal with me,

I’d whisper in your ears,

Please forgive me,

I am not who I seem.





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